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Jul 22 2024 | Drinking Water
Help Us Protect Your Drinking Water
The Town of Rich Creek needs your help to document the material of your water service line from the water meter to just inside your house or business.  We will be collecting the important information to determine if there are any lead service lines in use for the completion of an EPA-mandated lead service line inventory map.

Public Notice: Important Update on Water Service Line Inventory Program 

We want to keep you in the loop about an essential program happening in our community. Your local water utility is currently working on developing a Service Line Inventory in accordance with the EPA's Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). We're excited to share some key details with you, making sure you're informed and assured about this initiative. 


Why the Service Line Inventory? 

The Service Line Inventory is a federal requirement aimed at enhancing the safety and reliability of our water infrastructure. It's part of our commitment to ensuring the highest standards in water quality and compliance with national regulations. 


It's Not About Water Quality Issues: 

We want to emphasize that this program has nothing to do with any suspected deficiencies in our water quality. Your tap water remains safe. This is a proactive measure to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of our water system. 


It's funded!  

Here's the good news......we secured funding that allows us to carry out this Service Line Inventory without any impact on your utility bills. We believe in being fiscally responsible and leveraging opportunities to benefit our community, and this funding helps us do just that. 


What to Expect: 

Over the coming weeks, you may notice our teams' conducting surveys and assessments around the neighborhood. This is simply part of compiling accurate information about our water service lines. 


Your Cooperation Matters: 

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work towards completing this federally mandated program. Your involvement ensures the success of this initiative and contributes to the overall well-being of our community. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please call 540-726-3260.


Thank you for being a valued part of our community!

Please click HERE if you have questions on how to determine your water pipe material in your home/business.
Posted by Pam
Jul 15 2024 | Called Meeting
Pursuant to Virginia State Code Section 15.2-1417, a Called Meeting of the Rich Creek Town Council has been called by Mayor Roger Jones, to be held on Monday, July 22, 2024 at 6:30 PM.  The meeting will be held at the Rich Creek Town Office located at 250 Old Virginia Avenue, Rich Creek, VA 24147.

The purpose of the meeting is as follows:

Planning Session to discuss the goals of the Town.
Posted by Pam
Jul 12 2024 | Town Survey

Dear Rich Creek Resident,

A town survey has been mailed to every town resident, in regard to a recent law passed by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The new law allows communities to reduce the speed limit in residential and business areas of the Town. In areas where the speed limit is currently 25 mph, the speed may be reduced to 20 or no lower than 15 mph.


We value your opinion, and our hope is you will submit the survey back to the town office by July 31, 2024, so that we may review the data received.

Please feel free to contact Chief S. D. Buckland (540-726-3643) or the Town Office (540-726-3260), to request a survey or with any questions. 


Posted by Pam
Jun 25 2024 | 2023 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is designed to inform you about your drinking water quality. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water, and we want you to understand the efforts we make to protect your water supply. The quality of your drinking water must meet state and federal requirements administered by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH).

Click HERE to review the 2023 report.

A copy may also be requested by contacting the Town Office at 540-726-3260 or
Posted by Pam
May 31 2024 | 2024/2025 Proposed Operating Budget & Public Hearing
Posted by Pam

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